Friday, 23 December 2011


After 3 months, 3 weeks and 5 days of construction, we have unbelievably received the keys to our first ever home, delivered from Mc Donald Jones Homes.

We had our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) on Tuesday the 20th – which went off without a hitch. All that the place needed was for the front piers to be painted, a couple of touch up paint work here and there, and just a good clean……..  Then the day we had been dreaming of since April, when we signed with MJH truly arrived, and what a surreal feeling it was to be actually receiving our keys on Christmas and to know that our lives as a married couple will now commence, in this home! Pinch me please! :D 

Anyway “Handover” consisted of checking everything off the PCI checklist, went through all of the insurances, certificates, played around a bit with the ducted vac, Pete carried out the final piece of construction and installed the remote for the garage door on the wall, nice and straight!…. We also went through all of the contact numbers for all our optional extras we had installed. We Signed off and parted with our last progress payment. Pete handed over all of the keys, a special MJH hamper and waived good bye.

We just want to say that the house, I mean our home!  Was handed to us in perfect order and we cannot thank all of the staff at Mc Donald Jones Homes enough for their professional customer service for a beautifully constructed home.  We are absolutely stoked and our family (who are in the industry) is so amazed with the quality of the workmanship… Their process before construction and the final product is class.

A massive thank you to our SS Peter and our CLO Suzzanne, for making this all happen, you have honestly made this experience so amazing and worthwhile, that we will definitely be building another home in the near future, with MJH.  

Thank you so much once again for giving us the best Christmas present anyone could ever ask for!

P.S. Over the next few days we will promise to take some pictures – we’re just too busy now buying Christmas presents and getting our home ready for occupation hehehehe  :D 
Thank you all for your comments and following our journey. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year - Happy Building everyone!!!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A house for Christmas... Could it be????

Ok so once again we have sooo much to update you all on since the last update.  All of the west areas are tiled and we popped over to see our house on Saturday afternoon at about 5.30pm,,, let’s just say we were very shocked to see the boys from Kitchen Image installing our kitchens, vanities and desks!

This week has been another rocket, as we have had two coats of paint to our walls, and all of our architraves and doors have also been painted!!!!! Our caeserstone bench tops and all of our bathroom fittings will be going in as well as the final plumbing will be done and final touches to the bathroom.  Next week we should have all the electrical fitoffs, ducted vacuum and air con done. Then the cleaning commences!!

Everything is looking sooooo good! HOWEVER the best news came this morning when our SS carried out one of his weekly calls to let us know that everything was on track and ahead of schedule, the only thing that was delayed were the showerscreens – very small setback in scheme of things, as right after he announced that the jolly big man with the white beard, no not Mr McDonald but SANTA COULD BE GIVING US OUR KEYS TO OUR VERY FIRST HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! OOOHHHEEMMM GEEEEE!!!  

We know it will be a very tight race to the finish line, as he predicts for all the trades and cleaning to be completed by the last week before chrissy, so the inspection will have to be done right after that and if all is well, then we could have handover JUST before the 23rd or if there are a couple of things to be amended then it would be done when they return in the new year…   Either way we would be happy with either outcome!   YES we would love to have the house before the holidays but also don’t mind if we get it after, as we are literally close to two months ahead of schedule.  It would also give us some more time to organize for the floor coverings to be installed, skirting boards, as well as the drive way and fencing…

On a personal note, we just want to say that our site supervisor, Peter has done a fantastic job managing the tradies to ensure everything is done on time.  As mentioned above we are two months ahead, it’s crazy to even think that we may just get our house in time for Christmas. Simply amazing!!! He has done such an amazing job keeping us up to date and all of our questions are answered without any delay or issue. He definitely deserves a few XXXX’s!!!! CHEERS PETER!!!!

We have a few pics to post, so will try to do so in the next couple of days!!

Only 19 days till Christmas!!!!!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011


We received a call from the tiling company advising us that they were due to commence tiling on Tuesday and that we were welcome to go out on site to meet with the tillers and confirm that the tiles were the ones selected at colours. Sure enough they were and we spoke to them about which way we would like for the wall tiles to be laid and the size of aluminum angles that we wanted… We have chosen a charcoal grey for the floor tiles and a 600x300 white wall tile, to be laid vertically. We haven’t chosen any feature tiles, as we think the niche is a feature in itself and we thought we might get sick of the feature tile later on down the track, I know mum is over her old school feature border lol… anyhow It is now Thursday and the lads are just about done, all is looking very well and we are very happy with the progress made.

It was also a perfect opportunity to do a quick inspection to see how things we progressing… Kitchen cupboards and vanities have arrived and are patiently waiting for them to be fitted!...

We also spoke with the SS about changing some of the round beading used between the architraves and gyprock; to a square edge beading, as the architraves were square, didn’t think it made sense to see a round edge butted up to a square edge. Anyhow this was done right through without a fuss!!  Nothing is ever too much for our SS.

Once again we cannot thank our builder enough for their service to date.  The countdown is officially on until we get into the house now!!  Hoping we are in just in time for the Australia Day long weekend!!!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Meep Meep!

Well well well.. where to start… first and foremost we are officially at LOCK UP stage!! WOOHOOO!!! We have been really slack in updating our blog, but everything has been happening so fast that we can’t keep up!!! We feel like Coyote trying to chase Road Runner! Our site supervisor has also given us an idea as to when we can expect to be in… late Jan, early Feb so we are both very excited and nervous as that timeframe is really not that far away!

So since our last update, we have had the gyprock completed (Absolutely LOVE the high ceilings – makes a HUGE difference), cornices done, waterproofing in wet areas done, cladding on the façade, internal and external doors hung, architraves fitted and our garage door installed… meaning we can no longer get into our house to see where we are at!!  Waaa waaaaaaa L

In the meantime we have been doing some more furniture shopping and have officially started our search for tiles and carpet! Woot woot!!

We’ll post more pics as soon as we can get in the house!

OH and how can I forget to mention, a big happy birthday to the Hubby!!  Love you bub.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Fully Connected

Thursday saw the completion of all the electrical’s, data and Home Theater pre-wire rough ins completed… Checked the plan and all looks A-OKAY!

Spoke with the sparky and the data fellas and gave the hubby some great advice about his home theater system. I couldn’t quite understand all their network, cat56, hi-fi, automation mumbo jumbo but the hubby has assured me that our home will be the ‘smartest’ home on the street….  Not sure that means?? 

In addition, they have made a start on the gyprock and have completed the ceilings already… MJH are ripping through our build, we can hardly keep up. We can’t believe we need to start buying furniture already – Hubby is dreading this but now my fun begins!!!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ninja Brickies!!

Bricks delivered, laid and cleaned in 8 days WITH RAIN! Even had time to have a beer with them!

We know it’s been a while, but we have just been so busy with work lately and have had to urgently go overseas for family commitments, are why we have not had a chance to post on the recent completion of the brick work.

From what we know and can see is that they have done a ripper of a job …  mortar lines look all straight and consistent and WE ABSOLUTLEY LOVE OUR TROPICANA FAÇADE ENTRANCE!!  We’ve received so many compliments so far. Can’t wait until they render it and install the cladding… 

Also our eaves have been completed AANNNNDDD Still so far no issues to report on what so ever!!  :D

Anyway next post will be on the sparky, Data guy, ducted vac and the insulation.