Thursday, 1 December 2011


We received a call from the tiling company advising us that they were due to commence tiling on Tuesday and that we were welcome to go out on site to meet with the tillers and confirm that the tiles were the ones selected at colours. Sure enough they were and we spoke to them about which way we would like for the wall tiles to be laid and the size of aluminum angles that we wanted… We have chosen a charcoal grey for the floor tiles and a 600x300 white wall tile, to be laid vertically. We haven’t chosen any feature tiles, as we think the niche is a feature in itself and we thought we might get sick of the feature tile later on down the track, I know mum is over her old school feature border lol… anyhow It is now Thursday and the lads are just about done, all is looking very well and we are very happy with the progress made.

It was also a perfect opportunity to do a quick inspection to see how things we progressing… Kitchen cupboards and vanities have arrived and are patiently waiting for them to be fitted!...

We also spoke with the SS about changing some of the round beading used between the architraves and gyprock; to a square edge beading, as the architraves were square, didn’t think it made sense to see a round edge butted up to a square edge. Anyhow this was done right through without a fuss!!  Nothing is ever too much for our SS.

Once again we cannot thank our builder enough for their service to date.  The countdown is officially on until we get into the house now!!  Hoping we are in just in time for the Australia Day long weekend!!!!

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  1. Wow!!! Your progress is amazing!!! Colours look fab! Countdown is deffinately on! Well done :) :)