Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A house for Christmas... Could it be????

Ok so once again we have sooo much to update you all on since the last update.  All of the west areas are tiled and we popped over to see our house on Saturday afternoon at about 5.30pm,,, let’s just say we were very shocked to see the boys from Kitchen Image installing our kitchens, vanities and desks!

This week has been another rocket, as we have had two coats of paint to our walls, and all of our architraves and doors have also been painted!!!!! Our caeserstone bench tops and all of our bathroom fittings will be going in as well as the final plumbing will be done and final touches to the bathroom.  Next week we should have all the electrical fitoffs, ducted vacuum and air con done. Then the cleaning commences!!

Everything is looking sooooo good! HOWEVER the best news came this morning when our SS carried out one of his weekly calls to let us know that everything was on track and ahead of schedule, the only thing that was delayed were the showerscreens – very small setback in scheme of things, as right after he announced that the jolly big man with the white beard, no not Mr McDonald but SANTA COULD BE GIVING US OUR KEYS TO OUR VERY FIRST HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! OOOHHHEEMMM GEEEEE!!!  

We know it will be a very tight race to the finish line, as he predicts for all the trades and cleaning to be completed by the last week before chrissy, so the inspection will have to be done right after that and if all is well, then we could have handover JUST before the 23rd or if there are a couple of things to be amended then it would be done when they return in the new year…   Either way we would be happy with either outcome!   YES we would love to have the house before the holidays but also don’t mind if we get it after, as we are literally close to two months ahead of schedule.  It would also give us some more time to organize for the floor coverings to be installed, skirting boards, as well as the drive way and fencing…

On a personal note, we just want to say that our site supervisor, Peter has done a fantastic job managing the tradies to ensure everything is done on time.  As mentioned above we are two months ahead, it’s crazy to even think that we may just get our house in time for Christmas. Simply amazing!!! He has done such an amazing job keeping us up to date and all of our questions are answered without any delay or issue. He definitely deserves a few XXXX’s!!!! CHEERS PETER!!!!

We have a few pics to post, so will try to do so in the next couple of days!!

Only 19 days till Christmas!!!!!!


  1. That is the best xmas present ever!!! we will be moving into our house with pretty much nothing as well as its our first home. So with all the driveway fencing floor coverings yeh understand extra time is great but then again nothing beats getting your keys!! you can always plan around that :D How exciting

  2. YES WE'RE SOOO EXCITED! our first ever home as a christmas present would be the best in the world!... Hubby just likes to be organised.. no tradies are on in the holidays!