Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fully Pitched Maaate!

"Your home will be more imposing from the street"...  Uhmm YEAHH AND THEN SOME! Have a go at it!...  This was what our builder told us when we knew it was included as part of their impressions upgrade, they increased our roof from the 'stock standard' 20.5 degree to a whopping 26 degrees... We love it and the pics don’t do it justice, it absolutely towers over next door.

As you will see from the pics below we’ve been guttered, roofed + Anticon Blanket and sarking (for extra insulation!) then plumbing roughed, Powered and the bicks have commenced and are NEARLY DONE!!  It all looks fantastic, and we are soo happy with the progress so far…  We actually met the brickies on Saturday and they seem to think they’ll finish up by the end of the week… Soon after we presume that the sparky will be in to do his rough-ins, then gyprocked… Will be keeping a close eye at this point ;)

Anywayz pics overload below – Enjoy & Happy Building

Friday, 14 October 2011

Our Meccano set is complete!

We are super excited to say that we now have our beautiful steel frame up and it looks AMAZING!! Our windows have also been put in place and we had our gutters and fascia installed yesterday.  J

Our site supervisor has said that we will also get our roof put on this week and fingers crossed we get our bricks delivered! We expect that to start next week.

We are so happy with the progress of our home to date, it’s been smooth sailing and MJH have been an absolute pleasure to deal with.  Our site supervisor has been so responsive to any queries we have had. 

Here’s a couple more of pics of the our gutters, fascia and battens for the colorbond roof!!!    The countdown is one till we move in! WOOHOOO