Sunday, 20 November 2011

Meep Meep!

Well well well.. where to start… first and foremost we are officially at LOCK UP stage!! WOOHOOO!!! We have been really slack in updating our blog, but everything has been happening so fast that we can’t keep up!!! We feel like Coyote trying to chase Road Runner! Our site supervisor has also given us an idea as to when we can expect to be in… late Jan, early Feb so we are both very excited and nervous as that timeframe is really not that far away!

So since our last update, we have had the gyprock completed (Absolutely LOVE the high ceilings – makes a HUGE difference), cornices done, waterproofing in wet areas done, cladding on the façade, internal and external doors hung, architraves fitted and our garage door installed… meaning we can no longer get into our house to see where we are at!!  Waaa waaaaaaa L

In the meantime we have been doing some more furniture shopping and have officially started our search for tiles and carpet! Woot woot!!

We’ll post more pics as soon as we can get in the house!

OH and how can I forget to mention, a big happy birthday to the Hubby!!  Love you bub.

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