Friday, 11 November 2011

Fully Connected

Thursday saw the completion of all the electrical’s, data and Home Theater pre-wire rough ins completed… Checked the plan and all looks A-OKAY!

Spoke with the sparky and the data fellas and gave the hubby some great advice about his home theater system. I couldn’t quite understand all their network, cat56, hi-fi, automation mumbo jumbo but the hubby has assured me that our home will be the ‘smartest’ home on the street….  Not sure that means?? 

In addition, they have made a start on the gyprock and have completed the ceilings already… MJH are ripping through our build, we can hardly keep up. We can’t believe we need to start buying furniture already – Hubby is dreading this but now my fun begins!!!


  1. Well done guys, u will be in before u know it!! We ordered our furniture last weekend, my hubby had the same feeling of dread..i was in my element ;)
    Good luck!! :)

  2. just been told by wife our furniture wont suit our new home ??????

  3. Hey guys,
    Did you get the MJH electrician to run your cables and home theatre cables etc or did you get someone else in to do it? We only have standard electrical work going in but want to get the networking and home theatre cables run before the gyprock goes on... Thanks.

  4. hi cameron - katie, yep we had the mjh guys run all of our network cables and standard electricals before gyprock... much easier this way...

  5. Thanks. Will have to speak to them when it is time. Congrats on moving in before Christmas!