Friday, 23 December 2011


After 3 months, 3 weeks and 5 days of construction, we have unbelievably received the keys to our first ever home, delivered from Mc Donald Jones Homes.

We had our PCI (Practical Completion Inspection) on Tuesday the 20th – which went off without a hitch. All that the place needed was for the front piers to be painted, a couple of touch up paint work here and there, and just a good clean……..  Then the day we had been dreaming of since April, when we signed with MJH truly arrived, and what a surreal feeling it was to be actually receiving our keys on Christmas and to know that our lives as a married couple will now commence, in this home! Pinch me please! :D 

Anyway “Handover” consisted of checking everything off the PCI checklist, went through all of the insurances, certificates, played around a bit with the ducted vac, Pete carried out the final piece of construction and installed the remote for the garage door on the wall, nice and straight!…. We also went through all of the contact numbers for all our optional extras we had installed. We Signed off and parted with our last progress payment. Pete handed over all of the keys, a special MJH hamper and waived good bye.

We just want to say that the house, I mean our home!  Was handed to us in perfect order and we cannot thank all of the staff at Mc Donald Jones Homes enough for their professional customer service for a beautifully constructed home.  We are absolutely stoked and our family (who are in the industry) is so amazed with the quality of the workmanship… Their process before construction and the final product is class.

A massive thank you to our SS Peter and our CLO Suzzanne, for making this all happen, you have honestly made this experience so amazing and worthwhile, that we will definitely be building another home in the near future, with MJH.  

Thank you so much once again for giving us the best Christmas present anyone could ever ask for!

P.S. Over the next few days we will promise to take some pictures – we’re just too busy now buying Christmas presents and getting our home ready for occupation hehehehe  :D 
Thank you all for your comments and following our journey. We hope you have a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year - Happy Building everyone!!!


  1. YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! what an amazing story!!! Congrats neighbours :) We had a walk down near your end of the street and ur place looks fab!! Enjoy! :)

  2. Woohoo…..that sure is a great christmas present! I hope our Havana is finished in the same impressive timeframe as yours - 3.35 months WOW.
    I really enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to seeing a few pics once silly season and unpacking is over!! Enjoy the home theatre lol and turning your house into a home :-)

  3. Congratzzzzzzz now its time to do some landscaping, furniture shopping, and have FUNN all at the same time woohoooooooooo!

  4. Congratulations! I can't believe you are in your home already... I was just wondering if you could tell me whether you had any of your bricks replaced and if so could you tell them from the existing bricks. Thanks so much.

  5. thanks everyone for the comments!

    hi chrisd79, luckily no we did not have to replace any bricks... but i do see what you mean though... if the bricks are from the same batch then they would be okay, although its the colour of the mud which you have to be careful with... :/