Wednesday, 7 September 2011


We had a very eventful day today! Hubby and I both had the day off as we were invited onsite by MJH to measure our piering!!! J

After praying the rain will hold out and checking every weather forecast we could find, we woke up at 6am sharp to a wonderful sunny day! We were onsite bright and early at 7am and found that the concreters were already on site preparing for the piering.

I must say that I never thought that watching tradies do the same thing all day was an interesting sight, but we parked ourselves on our neighbours land, in our picnic chairs and watched the boys working all day and loved every minute J  It really is amazing watching the process of a house come together and we were pretty lucky that MJH provide the opportunity to come onsite to inspect the pier depth.  

After what seemed like such a short period of time, the big drill bit made its official appearance and we knew it was time to start the piering!  Hubby and I were both holding our breathe… we had so many questions that were about to be answered… How deep? How many? How much more? How much less? And so the first hole started being dug and I swear it felt like it just kept going and going and going!  The first hole was 1.4 metres deep, the next was 1.5 and they mostly hovered at 1.5, some going as deep as 1.6 and shallow as 1.2.  The piering didn’t take a long time and whilst this was happening (and much to our surprise) the formwork for the slab was being put together.  We then found out that the piers would also be filled with concrete today! WOOHOO Triple whammy for us!

LUCKILY for us we came in under our piering allowance, so won’t need to pay any extra! We did however realize that we had a little more spoil than expected, and at the same time realized that our home was going to sit higher than we originally thought; so again luckily for us we figured we will need most of the soil.  In having said that, we now need to do a little retaining wall at the back, so we can back fill the yard with the extra soil!!! Not a biggie as we think it will look a lot better now.  

Our concrete supervisor mentioned that the plumbing will be coming in next, which will be followed by the reo’ for the slab, then the actual slab!  Can’t wait to see it coming together!

In the meantime, we will leave you with a few photos of our day trip to lot 975!

Also, thanks Suzz and Bill for the fancy schmancy sign!! :D


  1. Hooray !!!! How exciting! I drove past yesterday morning after visiting our block and saw it all happening :) Glad u came in within ur allowed depths!! Look forward to seeing a slab soon! :)

  2. Great to see you on your way guys, best of luck with the build.

  3. Hey Nat and Ash, we are soo relieved after all that worrying!! You should have stopped by, we were there all day!!

    Thx Scott, hope things are all good for you!