Friday, 23 September 2011

It's McSlab Time!

So sorry guys, been a little while since we have blogged, but we have both been quite busy with work and life in general.

Just wanted to let you all know that we have now got a slab! WOOHOO!!! It was poured on 15th and has been curing ever since. J  All the external plumbing has also been done along with the connection of the electricity to the mains.

Not much else to report on at this stage, we just need to clear a bit of extra soil (approx. 40 ton!!) this weekend to get ready for the frame. Considering our site is so tight, we want to give them as much room as possible to work.  The frames are due in at the end of next week, so we should have another update in the next week or so.

We haven’t got a full pic of the completed slab; every time we manage to get out to the block it’s always too dark!  But here are some pics we took while it was getting poured.


  1. Nice bit of slab u have there!! Great progress for u guys! If u ever need photos and cant make it to your block in time, let us know and we can grab some for u..if u dont mind some randoms on your block!! I (Natalie) work in glenwood and pretty much visit our block every day.. Im a bit keen!! Offer is there if u want it :)

  2. hey nat, thanks for the offer hun but i my parents dont work, so i have conned them to go everyday now and take pics lol, they've got nothing else to do hehehe!!

    just saw you blog, congrats on having everything being rectified

  3. No worries! Congrats on the frames, fingers crossed this weather improves!!!!