Thursday, 29 September 2011

Authority to leave at door step 1 x MJH FLAT PACK!

Drove past the block this afternoon and to our surprise our frames and roof trusses were delivered a day early and the Kordon termite barrier laid.   It's quite amazing really, how it’s all pre-fabricated and ready to go, looks like a flat pack from ikea, surely can’t be that hard to put together; an allen key, instructions and she'll be right!!   Anyhow the goods received all look to be..... Strong... uhmm termite proof!... and... intact… hmm not much else to say until they’re up I suppose lol.... 

OHH and we also received a phone call from our very informative Site Supervisor; he advised that the chippies are running a day late due to bad weather over the past 2 days... So weather permitting; they are due to commence on Tuesday, so you know what that means DAY OFF WOOHOOO!!

Pics below - enjoy.

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  1. Your place is looking great guys!! We had a drive by ur block on the weekend. Love the look of ur entry! U must be so happy with the progress u hav had and to now walk through and picture how the rooms will look :) So exciting!!