Monday, 27 June 2011

Colour Selections – DONE & DUSTED!

We had our final colours selections meeting last week and to be honest.... choosing colours for your future home is a very daunting prospect, especially when you are an indecisive person (like I am)… I took my sister and husband with me, to have another opinion, plus she owns a kitchen / wardrobe / bathroom company so was very well aware of the products for the household.  She was a blessing for us because she understood just about everything our colour consultant had to say and of course with both of them being in the industry – they got along like a house on fire J 

As per my previous post, MDJ provide their clients with the opportunity to have a meeting with a colour consultant to go through the inclusions and what is classified an upgrade.  Now I know that a lot of builders don’t provide this for their clients, and in my opinion it’s to their detriment.  We went into this meeting completely prepared, we knew exactly what we wanted and we were very well informed.  Personally, it made the day a whole lot easier and ran a lot smoother.  It’s hard enough having to choose colours over a period of 2-3 weeks so i cant really imagine having to do so in a couple of hours!  MDJ provide you with that opportunity, and I must say it was extremely useful.  We spent a lot of our weekends visiting their display homes to get ideas of colours and décor… and had the chance to research our themes prior, as opposed to just deciding on the spot.

Upon arrival at the studio, we were greeted by our colour consultant; Craig.  Ok first things first – HE IS BRILLIANT!!! He has an amazing flair when choosing colours. I can’t fault him in the least; in all honesty he is an asset when selecting colours for your home – I highly recommend him.  We got along so well and he made the day an enjoyable experience… even filled with coffee and some much needed sweets to keep us going. J  He completely understood where we wanted to go with our colour selections and made appropriate suggestions.  I didn’t even question his choices; in fact I welcomed them as I trusted his judgment from the moment he started putting colours together.

Now onto the exciting part!! COLOURS…………….

We have decided to go with a charcoal / white / grey theme throughout the house… we haven’t gone too out there with colours as we want to jazz the house up with our décor.. So we wanted a clean palette to work with when we move in.

Here are our final selections:

Bricks: PGH ‘cement’ from the Foundations range (Ironed and off white mortar)
Cladding & Render to front 2 piers:  Taubmans Miss Molly
Roof: Colorbond Monument
Gutters: Monument
Fascia and downpipes: Shale Grey
Eaves: Surfmist
Garage Door: Contemporary design in Monument
Windows: Bradnams Ultra Silver Gloss
Front Door: Custom Door in Taubmans Miss Molly 1020W x 2340H (we have 9 foot ceilings throughout the home) with large trilock front door lock J SUPER HAPPY WITH THIS CHOICE!
Bathrooms: We kept just about everything standard in here:  we chose a charcoal tile with white large tiles.  Our vanities are in Licorice Linnea Natural finish. We didn’t get a feature tile, as we put shower niches in both bathroom and ensuite. We did however get stainless steel showers as opposed to the white
Kitchen cupboards: Laminex Polar White - Silk Finish
Kitchen Benchtop: Caeserstone White Shimmer
Kitchen Barback only: Laminex Licorice Linnea Silk Finish
Kitchen Splashback: Dark Charcoal 60x30 Glass tile
Kickboard: Formica – Brushed Steel finish
Sink: Razor double bowl under bench sink with Teknobilli ‘Billy’ pull out sink tap mixer
Internal Walls: Taubmans White Pearl
Internal Flooring throughout whole house: Quickstep Laminate Floating Timber floorboards in Light Grey Varnished Oak Planks Finish

Here are a few pics of our choices:

These are the colours for the kitchen (n.b. the floor board shown is incorrect)

These are the colours for the Bathroom & Ensuite (n.b. the feature tile has been removed & please excuse the quality of the photo as it gives off the impression that it is a browny chocolate feel, which it is not)

On a completely different note… we have finalized our first draft landscape plan.  We did the plan ourselves, as we wanted to save a little extra $$. We followed the Ponds guidelines pretty closely… we also sent it off to the design panel for a brief review, and they didn’t suggest many changes… we just have to wait until our builder submits it for us to get official feedback. 

Here is the draft:


  1. It's so exciting and daunting choosing the colours isn't it?! Your colours look fab!

  2. Nice choice of colours guys. It is best to stick to the neutral shades so you can add your cushions and deco pieces to add some colour. I really like your glass kitchen splash back as well.

  3. Hey guys!!! Nice selections!! Sounds like MDJ have a fantastic approach to their colour selection appointment! Ours felt like a blur, it can get so overwhelming!
    Landscape plan looks amazing, well done and i hav my fingers crossed for u!! :)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys :)