Sunday, 29 May 2011

Land Settled!!!

We setttled on our land last Thursday, so we officially own our own little piece of Australia!!! I suppose we should welcome ourselves to the world of debt...

Not a huge deal happening on the house front at the moment... our soil and contour reports are back, we officially require a H class slab... we were hoping for the M but at least it wasn't a P!!

We have approved our fourth and final deposit variation, so we should be moving onto booking our colour appointment soon.  

We will leave you with a birds eye view of our lovely little plot!!


  1. Yay,congratulations on owning your own block of land.

  2. Hi there, jus noticed u guys hav a smart lot. Hubby and i also bought a smart lot in the alba 3 release. We are building a beechwood and im hoping the block size doesnt hinder the house too much considering all the adjustments we had to make but like u mentioned, we too didnt want to blow the budget entirely on the land. Interested to see how ur build comes along :) We hav just started, block was excavated a few weeks ago. Good luck wit ur selections and congrats!!

  3. Hey Nat and Ash, we're very excited as we have not been able to find anyone on h1 and blogspot who have or will also build on a smart lot! We just notice that you guys back on to already established homes....... hmm are you on mosaic? if so we are too! I tell you what; we never knew it would be that hard to find a house to fit on a 13x30 block, so we had to adjust and modify a lot.. we have to remind ourselves that this is our first house... We'll definitely be following you guys, good luck too!

  4. Yep, we are on mosaic!!! Down the end near wakely ave. You will see our block fenced wit a beechwood sign :)
    This build is our second home and although its gonna be small, it will still be bigger than wat we had and in an area we just love!!! I jus keep reminding myself of that ;)
    Our sales rep at beechwood couldnt get over how much he trimmed to get our house to fit and then also needing to allow enough yard for the private open space thing...big challenge! So glad we hav someone to chat to who understands!! Will stay in touch :) :)

  5. We're gonna go have a sticky beak now!! He he he