Monday, 25 July 2011

Update… one hurdle but already half way over

So it’s been a little while since we have blogged, things are definitely ticking along, but obviously there are some things which are out of anyone’s control…

Ok so in terms of lodgments and approvals… we have approved and signed the building contracts with MJH which was a very smooth process.  Then we lodged to the water board for approval which is where our first hurdle was located… our building may potentially impact Sydney Water’s underground asset… so what does that mean for us you ask?  We basically require the application to be assessed by an Accredited Water Service Coordinator which will require a current service protection report (peg out).  This will cost us an additional amount, but nothing we can do so we authorized straight away to get the ball rolling.  We really don’t want any delays which we can control.

Our builder has also informed us that we have lodged to the Ponds Design Review Panel. Fingers crossed that comes through ok!!

Otherwise, I am slowly starting to put together an inspiration board for the furniture in the house… going with a style that’s eclectic, functional and a little industrial!! J Very inspired by Josh and Jenna from the block… we are obsessed!!! Go team Josh and Jenna!!!

Until we blog again!


  1. Hey there! Glad to hear the approval & signing of your contract went well with MJH. Is the sydney water protection report only required because of the area you're building in?? OMG I'm totally loving the Block….It's so good getting ideas of what's hot in design. Josh & Jenna are my fav too!

    Ps - i've sent you a PM on home forum in response to the tiles :-)

  2. Congrats guys on ur signed contracts :) :)
    That's a bummer bout Sydney water but u do wat u need to hey? So many unexpected things pop up wen u build as we are learning..
    We luckily had a "clean" block so no pipes running through which made it easy or as easy as a smart lot can be!! ;)
    Good luck with the design panel
    Sooooo loving The block!! I'm addicted

  3. Hi Es & Tim - No, i dont believe it's dependant on the area, i'm pretty sure every builder has a Sydney Water quick Agent, where they review the plans to ensure it doesnt encroach on any of their underground assets. Unfortunately ours did fall within the zone of influence, but lukily it hasnt affected the piers required. P.S. Thanks for the advice on the tiles!!

    Hey Nat and Ash - We drove past today and noticed the frame is up! YAY! How exciting!!! How's it all going??