Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Pre-walkthrough colour selections meeting – upgrades upgrades upgrades!!!

We had our pre colour selections meeting this week, originally it was scheduled for the 26th but we couldn’t wait so we pushed it forward. We want to try and be super quick on our end and if we go over the 150 day fixed price period then it would be no fault but their own lol! Anyways we walked away from the meeting feeling a number of emotions… excitement, disappointment and confusion!  =/

Ok so first things first, the meeting provides the opportunity to go through exactly what’s included and what is classed an upgrade… and just about EVERYTHING we wanted was an upgrade…  I was ready with my pad and pen and wrote down the prices of upgrades that related to us… some we will get, some we won’t. 

 The biggest shock to us was the stone benchtop – we didn’t realize that we only had a selection of 6 colours from the Essastone range included in our Impressions package. If we want another colour from the Essastone, Cesarstone or Quantum Quartz range we will be charged extra.  I had already decided (prior to this meeting) that I wanted Cesarstone – Snow… when asked how much to upgrade we were blown away!  Safe to say we will be TRYING to pick one from the standard Essastone range as it will still give us the same look, but it’s not as white as the snow. 

Other than that, the standard range that they provide isn’t bad at all and we are quite happy to go with it.  We will be upgrading a few little bits and pieces though.  We will post our final upgrades and selections after our official colours meeting.

We’ve also spent the last couple of weekends looking at bricks.  In our colour selections folder, we were only given the brochures and standard inclusion list for Austral so we trekked out to Horsley Park to see what the bricks actually looked like… Out of all the standard bricks, we liked the Brampton from the Whitsunday range.  I must say that we didn’t fall in love with it, for the reason that the colour is baked on, so if it’s chipped then a yellow colour is seen – not the grey. Both of us were a little concerned about this so we decided to go see some houses built in this brick.

We managed to see one that was just built that was for sale, so we went up to see the finish and there were a lot of bricks chipped (which I guess brickies cant help!)  so we did some further research and noticed that some MDJ clients were selecting PGH or BORAL bricks… I used the meeting to ask about the option to use another supplier.  We can do so, provided we pay 300 to change.  Fine by us! In the scheme of things it's a small price to pay for what we want. 

We have since visited PGH and BORAL and we have both FALLEN in love with the PGH - Cement brick from the Foundations range.  This brick is coloured all the way through so chipping won’t be an issue.  Safe to say I think we have finally decided on this one.  

Other than the above, we don’t have much more to report on, land should be settling this week and we decided to go to the Sydney Home show on Sunday… we picked up quite a few little ideas with regards to colours in our kitchen, outdoor decking, heaps of brochures for plantation shutters, I’ll let the hubby do his ‘purchasing’ thing with all these suppliers!!!!

Over and out!


  1. Upgrades can add up, I think our total was about $10k in upgrades with EB. Just have to know when to say enough is enough.

  2. We finished our selections two weeks ago and agree and can tell you it will be a very daunting day! Put you money into things you cant change later (Floor tiles/ bathroom etc) Things like upgraded door handles and the like can be done cheaper by yourself after handover. Good luck with your build and you colour selections appointment!