Monday, 15 August 2011

CDC Approval In Record Timing!

We are super excited to say that our CDC approval has come through in record time! We lodged as a complying development on Friday 5th August and first thing this morning we got a very pleasant call from our CLO letting us know the good news!

The builder has advised that our materials are currently being ordered and we are waiting on the ACC from the lender to come through.  Upon receipt MJH has told us that they will be on site within 20 days!!!! We can’t wait to see some action on our land!

Also this Thursday we are due into MDJ for our electrical appointment.  We have been lucky enough to get Craig as our consultant! Yippee

Hopefully our next update will be the ‘renowned portaloo and peg out’ post! J


  1. Congratulations Guys, exciting times ahead.

  2. thanks Thigee. Im having trouble posting on your blog but i just noticed that today is the big day for you GOOD LUCK!